Pre-Pet Preparation

Jun 28

cleancozyaop-005_1zWhen you get bedding some wood shavings like pine and cedar, they contain bad chemicals. Also they don’t absorb much. You should get Carefresh or Kaytee brands because they absorb more and they cost less and expand. Also you should get soft bedding and put it where your hamster sleeps so your hamster feel better.

potty 123

You should also get a potty with potty litter or super absorbent bedding, it wont smell much and you can change it when ever you want, you don’t need to change  everything. If you wan’t to potty train your hamster find some poop and where he usually potties, put it in the potty and she/he will think it always goes there. You should get a water bottle. Never get a bowl because bedding will go in it and the water will get dirty and sometimes they knock it over.

water bottle

If your hamster stops grooming it self or stops eating you should go to the vet. They will give your hamster medicine.


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