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Choosing a hamster home.

Jun 28

Before you buy a hamster you need to make sure that you have enough money to buy bedding and food for the future. Also if you have a cat or dog don’t get a hamster because your small pet can become prey easily.


When you pick a cage there are two types, wire and aquarium. Aquariums are good cages because they have lots of room and they are see-through. Wire cages are easier to clean but sometimes the wire is to far apart and your hamster can escape.


When you pick a type of hamster there are two types, Syrian and Dwarf. Both of those species of hamsters are nocturnal. Dwarf hamsters are really fast, small and hard to handle. Syrian hamsters are slower, bigger and easier to handle. If you get a Syrian hamster you need a bigger cage. You should also get a hamster 4 months old because if to young it will get stressed and to old it won’t live to long.


To make your hamster healthy you need to put him/her in its ball to run around. Also you can give it some fruit once a day. Get lots of space so your hamster can run around. Hamsters can est apples, carrots, grapes.

If you want to make your hamster happy put a little house/hide out and chew toys in its cage.


Pre-Pet Preparation

Jun 28

cleancozyaop-005_1zWhen you get bedding some wood shavings like pine and cedar, they contain bad chemicals. Also they don’t absorb much. You should get Carefresh or Kaytee brands because they absorb more and they cost less and expand. Also you should get soft bedding and put it where your hamster sleeps so your hamster feel better.

potty 123

You should also get a potty with potty litter or super absorbent bedding, it wont smell much and you can change it when ever you want, you don’t need to change  everything. If you wan’t to potty train your hamster find some poop and where he usually potties, put it in the potty and she/he will think it always goes there. You should get a water bottle. Never get a bowl because bedding will go in it and the water will get dirty and sometimes they knock it over.

water bottle

If your hamster stops grooming it self or stops eating you should go to the vet. They will give your hamster medicine.


Syrian Hamsters

Jul 02




Teddy Bear

my hamster

Honey Bear


Panda Bear


Black Bear


Playing With your Hamster

Nov 25

When you play with your hamster you should always remember to wash your hands before and after you play.barclay-sink-jessica

You should always play nice with your hamster, don’t  squeze it. Don’t play outside! If you leave it there it might burrow and you may never see it. Also a bird can go down and eat it, or a cat may attack. You should never lift your hamster up to high because if it falls it can break a bone. Dont leave your hamster out of watch, it can escape. If your training your hamster and giving him food you can only give it apples, carrots, a little bit of grapes and unsalted sunflower seeds.images downloadhammy

A Good Owner

Sep 03

To be a good owner you have to remember to clean your hamsters cage at least once a week. If your sick let someone else clean up. You should also play with your hamster once a day and give him\her some treats. Dont give it to many or else it may get sick. If you see that your hamsters tail is wet that means it has the sickness wet tail.Hamster-wet-tail

You should take it strait to the vet or you can get wet tail drops at the pet store.wet-tail-drops-diarrhea-treatment-1-oz

Dwarf Hamsters

Jul 09